Someone is leaving


I wrote a resignation letter to Mr Manager this morning. Actually, I want to write something more than that, specially for those man and all in behind the scene but I had no extra time for it...., therefore I let my resignation letter be a simpler one (or in other word I've copied it from other templates) instead of to explain the reason why for leaving suddenly. Heh heh heh. Thank you to my beloved wife, she assisted me.

Saya adalah berniat jahat kerana ingin menceritakan keburukan manusia pada asalnya. Not really memburukkan la.. menyatakan kebenaran adalah lebih tepat. There's no such top secrets among us. But it's possiblly yes, for some of us. Only that small... I don't want go too far then. Let's forgive it... that will be fair for everyone.

Whatever it is, I enjoyed learnt my past.. let it be! Today, it such a new call coming.. opened my future horizon. Once I stepped ahead, there's no way to look back! That's me when i said no.. i am no longer here. I tell you what, I really love this way... to remove my malayu attitude, learn something new among various colour of skins and shares with our peoples.. Feel like I just woke up a dream. By the next 3 days, I'll no longer here. Thanks my friend, thanks my enemy (opss.. if any), thanks everyone... I'll take care of myself dude!

It's no more crowded people on the train, long queue for the Mall lift, no more Oasis sandwitch breakfast , The Tepi Sungai lunch hour break and RM 3 car park. For me and my wife, this place gave us some sweet memories as we both spent quite lot of time here during 'berdating' (suitable for young parents like us) . My wife has to stop and drop me here at workday morning, and most of the time I must be her complaint listener against The Mall pak guard. I'll be laughing, when the time my wife told me that she don't like all the pak guards at The Mall. She sounds panic everytime a messy guard wistling, and some other time they come across to her, knock our car's door as well. All those thing will be ended soon.

That's all my two cents about some malay peoples of my office! I Feel suck when I try to write something in, report, exam..whatoever. Actually, English is not my father 's choice.. not my choice.. but it's Pak Lah's regime choice. It's better to learn Arabic rather than English. Please apologize my grammar.

.. friendship never ending specially to raffcomm-ian.